Ok all you frugal readers: I need your input. Without saying too much (since my idea is not fully formed and thus I run the risk of looking like an idiot…well, more so than usual), I am looking for all the ways you save money by doing things yourself. Things like making laundry detergent or other convenience items versus buying them. Homemade bread. Programmable thermostats. Any way you feel that spending a little time or money upfront saves big every year.

The only catch is that I really need you to do the math as well- as in listing the ingredients/cost then comparing it to the storebought/non-frugal way on an annual basis.

Example: This demonstration on The Simple Dollar

6 batches (312 loads) of homemade laundry detergent for $6.97 compared to 312 loads of Tide with Bleach Alternative for 62.50 (from Amazon, although I’d prefer pricing info from your local grocery store unless it’s an online only item). Doing one load a day per year would save over $65.

Are you interested in participating? Credit will be given for each suggestion! Shoot me your frugal tips at lovelycraftyhome@gmail.com



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    • Lovely Crafty Home

      I have heard that most of the homemade detergents work very well in the HE washers…you just use less of it :)

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