I’ve been itching to do a project with paint swatches for awhile now, so I finally bit the bullet and raided my local Home Depot. I chose Home Depot because I actually do buy a lot of paint there (Behr Ultra is my fav!), although I have heard from other paint swatch enthusiasts that taking large quantities of them is encouraged and something I shouldn’t feel guilty about.

I chose some orange, brown, and black pieces and used my circle and flower punch to cut out shapes (old school style for you cricut/silhouette users haha). Then I bribed¬†my friend Amy into sewing them together for me because I’m still scared to sew anything other than fabric (a certain mercury glass hurricane went a long way in this effort).

 I used both solid and multiple colored swatches for variety.

A loose stitch down the center took MUCH less time than stapling/stringing/taping would have. Thanks Amy!

It’s perfect for my Halloween party this weekend! Have you done any paint swatch projects lately? Any you’re pinning to do soon?

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