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Hey all you Lovely Crafty Home readers!
I’m Jamie from THE LETTER 4
When my three sisters and I grew up and moved away from each other we realized how much we missed doing projects together. So our little blog is us 4 sisters sharing anything and everything together and also with anyone who decides to follow along! I’m so excited to be guest posting here today for Rachael today (thanks for letting me take over your blog girl! hehe!) Now, we are not the most successful blog ever but I would like to share with you a tip of how we got some of our success ever since we started this summer.
A great way to get traffic to your site is by advertising on sites that share in similar content as yours! But…it isn’t enough just to be a button on their site. It’s pointless if you blend into the background and people can’t find you. Surf some sites that have ads and ask the question: out of these ads which ones stand out to me? You’re not just trying to get anyone to your site, you’re trying to find your audience, people that would be interested in what you have to offer!

Because of our love for photography, we noticed the ads we tended to notice and click on were ones with great photos. And after a month or two of trial and error, I noticed that the ads I created with a picture of Janae on them (our bright redheaded little sister) were always the most successful ones. Janae has unique hair that people don’t often see. It separates us from the other ads. Add that with a unique shape and simple text and you get…

Tada! So when you see our ads on other sites you will most likely see Janae’s face :)
(thanks Nae for letting me put your beautiful face and hair all over the Internet)

If you don’t use photos for your ads there are still a ton of ways to make your ad stand out. When I design ads for others I always think about what I am going to do to make them unique and stand out from others…

But mainly just make sure you make a button that represents you! Make a button that you feel shows off you, your personality, and what you have to offer and you can’t go wrong :)
You’re more than welcome to visit it us at our blog and let us know where we can visit you!
Thanks again Rachael!
Happy advertising!

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