Is there such a thing as too many ruffles?

Don’t answer that. I already added a romantic flare to my kitchen with a ruffle awning…

…so I decided to extend that to the dining room and finally made curtains. But this time, I tried something new (to me)- cafe curtains. While appealing on some level to a miniatures enthusiast like myself, the thought of tiny curtains really did strike a certain amount of fear in my heart. I mean there really is no standard, and I didn’t want my window to look like it was wearing highwaters. With some encouragement from a cafe curtain expert friend of mine, I decided to give it a go.

First I purchased this tension rod from Home Depot, since I didn’t want to drill holes in the molding (commitment issues…). It’s a bit nicer than the cheapo one I used in the kitchen. Of course the only color I could find was brushed nickel, so I spray painted the rod with Oil Rubbed Bronze and bought black clip curtain rings to match.

I put the rod up and draped some fabric (the same burlap/drop cloth hybrid from Walmart that I used in the kitchen) over it to get an idea of the length I wanted. This whole side of my house doesn’t get a lot of natural light, so I didn’t want to block the window too much. After hemming 3 sides of each curtain panel, I added the ruffle to the top and clipped on the rings. Are they perfect? No. I don’t like to measure, remember?

But, I heart them.

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