It’s easy to say that now, but remember when I first brought this pair home?

You probably caught a peek of these in my duvet cover post yesterday. After dabbling with some coral paint, I ended up going with white (yeah, I know…so predictable). I just thought it would be the most versatile in case I wanted to move them around the house. I decided to try out Krylon Dual Paint + Primer.

{Krylon Dual Paint + Primer}

It worked really well with great coverage on the lamp I left green. On the mostly coral one though…well let’s just say I had to empty the can. It’s not unusual for reddish tones to bleed through white spray paint though, so I don’t really fault the Krylon. It did eventually get the job done and both lamps look awesome!

I like that the shade blocks a good amount of light, it’s perfect for night time reading without being blinding.

Heck I’m just excited to have matching lamps!

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  1. Anna

    awesome look! I used the same paint for my dining room chairs. I need to get a few more cans to get the job done.


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