Since fall has passed, I thought it was time to take down my paint chip garland. I loved it, but it was making me miss the leaves…

So, I was on the hunt for a new garland to grace my B&B and turned to my stash of cheap “craft” books to make it happen. I used the same paper punch as I did with the paint chips, but I wanted a more 3D effect. I cut out 8 pieces to make each bead, then strung them on a doubled piece of thread.

Folding each piece in half (careful if you’re using a non-symmetrical shape), I stacked them one at a time and hot glued the sides together. When you’ve glued all 8, open it up and glue the last two sides together to form a bead. If you’re careful and don’t use too much glue, this will leave you with a hole in the middle. String ‘em up and secure the end beads to the thread with hot glue.

I loved it so much, I actually hung it up in my new booth at the antique shop.

It’s so neutral, I can use it year round if I want! How about you? Do you have any fun garland in your house?

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