I already shared with you my first “booth” piece, but really this was the project that started it all. I saw this coffee table on Craigslist for $5 and couldn’t pass it up. Sure I had nowhere to put it (along with that antique trunk in the corner that I picked up at an estate sale), but I figured I could do a quick flip and make a few bucks. Do not judge my house when I’m working.

I tried to use materials I already had on hand, which meant the top got a coat of Minwax Dark Walut and 3 coats of paste wax. On the bottom I used some paint from my stash of Sherwin Williams samples (I”m a little worried they’re going to cut me off). I believe it’s Dovetail Gray. Then I distressed the edges and glazed the whole bottom half with some antiquing medium mixed with brown craft paint. When everything was dry, I finished with 2 coats of paste wax.

I LOVED the table. I thought, “Hey I’ll stage it really nicely for some pictures to post on Craigslist,” and set it up in my living room.

And, it hasn’t moved since. I took it into my home with the intent of finding it another home, and it never made it out. I listed my old Pier 1 rattan/iron coffee and end table set (we’ve had it for 5 years and were the second owners) on Craigslist and got $60 for them. I think I came out ahead, no?

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    • rachaelevans

      Ashleigh- Thanks!! I got him at Ross I believe (like a Marshalls or TJ Maxx Homegoods) I loooove owls too and always have to stop myself from buying more lol


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