You’ve all seen pictures of my foyer dresser/buffet decorated throughout the past few seasons, but something about it has always bothered me a little bit.

It looks a little squat, no?

When I bought it, I replaced the casters (it was missing one), but because of the skirt at the bottom you really couldn’t see them. Upon further inspection of the underside (was that dirty?) I discovered that the skirt was attached to the 4 blocks holding the casters- meaning I couldn’t just remove the skirt or the blocks. So, I decided to scrap the whole caster bit and try to retrofit some legs on the existing blocks.

I checked out the selection at Home Depot and found some 9″ “Traditional” legs that I thought I would work. They had 6″ legs also, but seriously, it’s  “go big or go home” in my book-  good advice in most situations. Except for cheesecake. And liquor.

After some retrofitting by the hubster involving a dowel, some screws, and some liquid nails, we have lift off!

Ok, so I realize this isn’t like an OMG worthy before and after, but I just wanted to point out that there are more ways to makeover furniture than just paint it.

I looooooove the new height. Plus, now I can clean under there. Clearly having a piece of furniture on wheels wasn’t motivation enough. I obviously moved the mirror up higher as well, which means most other people who come to my house can actually see themselves in at least one of our mirrors.

Have any of you added feet to a piece of furniture? Didn’t it make a big impact??





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  1. Sandy

    It truly is an OMG moment!!! I love the leg makeover! It was a WOW factor! You did a great job! I’m going to start re-looking at my furniture in a whole new light! Thanks for the idea! Have a great day!

    • rachaelevans

      Thanks Sandy! That’s sweet of you to say. I know what you mean, I’m going around the house to find other things I can add legs to!

  2. heather

    That is a great little makeover!! I probably wouldn’t have thought of it but now I will!! It does take on a whole different look now!

  3. amy@winecountrymama

    It looks great just by adding space under the furniture it makes the space seem so much more open. Great Job! I saw you on Not Just a Housewife linky. I love the color too!!!

  4. Kayla

    I’m late to the game (just found the link through the “Your Trash is My Treasure” post) but I LOVE this paint job. Did you ever do a tutorial on it?


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