After a recent visit to my homeland (a.k.a. Restoration Hardware), I was so inspired by the new collections that I decided to officially knock them all off.

Let me be clear, I totally respect RH. Their products are well made, mostly handmade, and a lot of times “reclaimed” which means someone went out and procured old barnwood and the like. They have creative designers who never fail to produce drool-worthy pieces. And having actually gotten into several of the display beds, I can vouch for the luxurious quality of Belgian linen. I may or may not have been swimming on top of a fur throw.

If I had thousands of dollars, I would totally drop it in there without hesitation.

But, I don’t. I’m betting if you’re reading this, you don’t either. Womp womp. Let’s shed a collective tear, shall we?

Going to RH is like an emotional roller coaster. At first it’s like OMG OMG, and I’m darting around like a whack-a-mole. After thoroughly embarrassing myself, the depression sets in.

“Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyy can I not have ttttthhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiisssssssssss????

Then I have to leave before I burst into tears…but not before I grabbed the giant Spring catalog on the way out (which I’m not entirely sure was up for grabs, since there was only the one…but I digress). I can take all the inspiration I want from it to create my own versions. In the process of flipping through the catalog, I found so many great projects. I jokingly said to my friend Amy “Hey, I should do a series on the blog where I make something from every page of the catalog, you know like Julie and Julia.”

Always one to jump on my crazy idea bandwagon (best friend E.V.E.R), she was totally excited and encouraged me to not only do it, but to expand it. Like to other magazines/catalogs as well. Oh boy!

So while I may not do something from all 400 pages of the new RH catalog, I will definitely be tackling quite a few (while also revisiting some of my older projects that are RH inspired). And when I’m done with that, I’ll move on to another. Will it be Pottern Barn? Anthro? You’ll have to come along for the ride to find out!

Are you in? I’m starting with my version of RH’s zinc furniture…stay tuned for that this week!

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  1. Mary Stewart

    YOO WHOOOOOOOO! You can count me in! Love to see what you come up with!

  2. Jennifer Cheek-Payan

    Oh yeah – I’s soooo in love with RH too! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  3. Julie

    Love this idea!! I am totally going to follow along, and try a few myself! You should have a link-up at the end, so that we can see what everyone has done and how. Just a thought… Thanks for the great idea and inspiration!


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