When you’re looking for the perfect rug, do you ever feel like Goldilocks? This one’s too small, that one isn’t the right color, and the other one would be perfect if the print was just a liiiitle bit different. As someone who has struggled in the rug department myself, I’ve often thought to myself, “Ugh I wish I could just make my own!”

A lot of bloggers have done wonders with plain rugs and stencils, which has really opened up the possibilities for getting a custom rug for your home. But now there is a whole new level of custom that I wanted to share with you: Vecco!

Vecco offers kits to make your own custom rug in several sizes. You can choose the rug, a stencil, colorant, and sealant to ensure you get a rug that’s completely your own design- and one that’s made to last!

Just take a look at some of the stencil options:

{Vecco Honeycomb}

{Vecco Southwest}

{Vecco Ginkgo}

You can even design your own with a blank stencil kit! The possibilities are literally endless, and kits start at just $49.99! I am so into the southwest designs (which is totally NOT a fit with my house at all, but I don’t care). I mean come on, how sweet is this rug?

If you’re interested in trying Vecco, join their mailing list and get 20% off your first order. Also be sure to check out their blog for more ideas and inspiration.


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