Generally speaking, I’m not really a beach loving person. Truthfully I don’t really like swimming in water that’s not clear, and I don’t like sand. I somehow manage to end up covered in sand head to toe no matter how much towel/chair sitting I do.┬áBut that doesn’t stop me from compulsively collecting shells anytime I’m there. I guess I just adopted the behavior because I though it’s what people are supposed to do at the beach. Is that weird? Are there any over 10 year olds who still do this?

The last time I was at the beach was last summer, at Oak Island, NC with my friend Amy and her family.

We had a great time (despite the whole sand thing)! And, I collected about 50 oyster shells. I like to be super specific on my hunts.

Here we are almost a year later, I’m working on my craft space, and I come across the brown paper bag of shelly goodness. I figured there must be an awesome project that I could do with the shells, so I turned to Pinterest. But everything I found was just too beachy and slightly cheesy. I don’t live anywhere near a beach, so I didn’t want to get too caught up in the beachy look. But I really, really wanted to do something with them!

I decided to try a wreath. But not a shell wreath. Just a nice summer wreath that happened to have shells. Clear as mud? I called my friend Amy over for reinforcement. She was not excited. Having lived at the beach for some time, she is SO OVER anything shelled. We always joke about that Portlandia skit “put a bird on it.” At the beach, they put a shell on it. On anything.

First, I started wrapping a flat wreath form in burlap. In my head I saw the wreath mostly plain but with a cluster of shells. But none of my shell arrangements were working! Amy came up with the brilliant idea to go off the wreath, so to speak. Man I love that out-of-the-wreath thinking (wink wink).

A strangely perfectly shaped piece of cardboard from the recycle bin was all it took to make my wreath dreams a reality.

I wanted to incorporate some twigs, so I tried a little twine wrap bundle.

I just couldn’t make it work though, so I scrapped it and pressed on with the shells. Once I had enough on there, I tried again with the twigs and added some garden twine accents.

When I was satisfied with everything, I hung it on the door. #wreathfail

Ok honestly I suspected the wreath would be horribly unbalanced, but I figured I could tweak the placement of the hanging to offset it.

It wasn’t happening. Unless I attached some sort of counterweight to the other side. Which would look lame. Boo. So I decided to make it a leaning wreath.

I think it turned out alright :) It’s just a little beachy touch for the summer for about $3 (the wreath form). And, I finally got to use my shells!

What about you guys? Do you have anything beachy going on for summer?

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  1. Maggie@SquarePennies

    Love it! It’s a great way to use that shape of shell. The colors are lovely. Great tutorial!

    I have a shell wreath I made with all sorts of shells all the way around. I poked in some twigs and bits of dried flowers here and there also. It brightens up my entry way. I like to keep shells in vases also for a breezy, interesting look. We”ve been collecting shells for years, so some end up in baskets too.


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