…but I hope not.

Cause I just took a paintbrush to the aqua upholstery on this guy.

You might ask why, but that blanket is hiding a multitude of problems. I bought the chair for $20 at Goodwill a couple of years ago with the intention of reupholstering it because one side is slightly bleached (from sitting in the sun, presumably). At some point, one or more of the cats decided to use it as a scratching post as well.

So really I had nothing to lose, right?

I thought about grey…which is why the chair looks whitewashed here. But then I figured, why not try to make it look like leather instead? Crazy, no? So off to Sherwin Williams I went to pick up a sample quart of brown paint. Actually one of the associates picked the color for me after I told her what I was doing. She looked scared, and I probably wasn’t saying anything to ease her mind.

“You’re painting a chair?”

“Yes, the fabric part.”

“To look like leather?” {gives me that look…you know the one…if I had a nickel…}


I can’t recall the color right now, but really there’s no point in sharing it anyways if this is a total fail….so stay tuned :)

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  1. Janet

    Hmmm, I might have looked at you a little strange too! hahaha But thinking if you thin the paint enough.. Or maybe just try a small spot on the back first. You don’t think brushing on brown dye lightly would do better? Just a thought.

  2. Oppa Lodgeum Style

    [...] finally sharing a project I’ve been wanting to do for MONTHS! And no, it’s not the painted chair (which is almost done, by the way…not that it should take this long, I’ve just been [...]


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