I finally got a Christmas tree this week, even though it was almost 70 degrees here a few days ago. Last year I skirted my tree with a bunch of burlap I had leftover, but apparently between then and now it has vanished into other projects. Disappointed with the selection of pre-made skirts out there (not to mention the price, OUCH!), I decided to come up with my own version.

Isn’t it awesome? Industrial chic? Ok fine, I’m just joshin ya.

So I’ve been seeing a lot of tree-in-basket-or-pot pictures this year in magazines, and I love the streamlined look. Instead of putting my tree in a basket, I wanted to create a wrap version that went on and off like a traditional skirt (for ease of watering, vacuuming, etc). Clearly there are better ways to do this than the duck tape monstrosity shown above, but I kinda wanted this to be a $0 project. I challenged myself to do it with materials I had on hand.


  • Stiff enough to hold shape, but flexible enough to be bent into a circle
  • Tall enough to cover the whole tree base
  • Removable without lifting tree
I scavenged the house for materials and found the chicken wire which I sandwiched between card stock using duck tape- a lot of it. After I’d made a circle big enough to go around the whole base, I took some tin snips and cut a slit to open it up.
Add a piece of fabric (in this case a thrifted window valance I got a few months ago).
Yep, more duck tape. Nevermind about the inside, on the outside it looks awesome!
It could use a little ironing, but a few spritzes of water should take care of it :)
It goes perfectly with my woodland/lodge theme :)
More tree pictures to follow, stay tuned!


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  1. Gretchen@Boxy Colonial

    That looks great! We have a tree skirt that we bought years ago, and I like it fine….but it doesn’t fit very well around our giant tree stand….I bet something like this would work a lot better.

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