I had a few friends over for dinner earlier in the week and had a little fun setting a cozy table for us all :) I got a chance to use my new plaid napkins that were a gift from my friend Amy.

winter dinner party table setting

I went to A.C. Moore to see what I could find that would inspire me, and I came across a bunch of clearance from Christmas…including some sparkly snowflake wood cut-outs (I think they were $0.14/ea) which I hot glued to some brown tags as place cards. I can’t remember where I saw this idea originally, but doubling up my lace linen napkins with the plaid napkins was probably my favorite little feature. I tied the placecard to the napkin with twine and added a little spring of cypress.

lodge inspired table setting

See the lace edge peeking out? So sweet! Of course you can’t go wrong with mix and match Ironstone place settings. I really have loved collecting it over the past year. It plays nicely with just about anything you want to use with it.

Also at A.C. Moore, I found several branches with red berries marked down to $0.75/ea. Those and the snowflakes were the only purchases I made, the rest I wanted to put together from things I already had. Up to the craft room I went, scouring my fabric scraps for something runner-ish.

What I found was a piece of white faux fur. The internal dialogue went something like this:

“YES! This is awesome!”

“No wait, it’s kinda weird. Who puts fur on a table?”

“Well…lemme just try it….”

So I brought it downstairs, and Amy came over to help me finish up the table. My Ironstone pitchers won out over some other pieces we tried. I filled one with the faux berries and one with some cypress cuttings (after determining that mixing them together felt too Christmas-y). I gathered a few more candle-y things and my white bird salt and pepper shakers to round it out.

All this time the wheels are turning…I’m thinking about the fur…do I cut it? Do I just lay the square in the center? Abandon it alltogether?

bamSeriously that’s what happened over my head when I came up with this idea that I think is original, but is probably already on Pinterest (I can’t stand to look). But I’m still totally taking credit for inventing the mini fur table rug.

mini fur rug centerpiece

Oh yes, I cut that squarish piece of fur into a bearish piece of fur. Har har!

lodge style table setting

Um, it’s awesome. I don’t care if no one else thinks so. Trust me, if it’s not cool now it will be in 10 years-so remember kids…you saw it here first! But let me steal your attention away from the rug for a minute to address what I’m sure you’ve noticed by now is a cupcake in a teacup. Ok it’s not in a real teacup, but it’s still the most awesome cupcake on the planet. Courtesy of Amy. Cause you know I can’t bake that shizzle.

teacup cupcakes

They didn’t last very long at all.

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  1. mary fran

    OMG I LOVE it! Totally want that for my table! And I noticed those cupcakes in the first picture! Seriously…I want to move next door to you and Amy! You have the most awesome ideas! Great job! I love your blog…it’s the only one I follow daily!! Thanks!


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