Is there anything cuter than the tiniest chalkboard in the world? Tiny enough to be a napkin ring?

mini chalkboard placecard napkin ring

Isn’t it sweet? The best part about these little guys is that they are multi-functional :) More on that in a bit, but first I’ll share how I made them.


You know that impulse item aisle at Michaels? Yeah it gets me every.single.time. Lucky for me though, they did actually have something I was looking for specifically for this project: miniature ornate frames for $1/ea. I bought 6, and gathered my chalkboard paint and Rub n’ Buff (which I later decided not to use in favor of white spray paint and glitter).

First all the frames got 3 coats of chalkboard paint which was allowed to cure 24 hours per the instructions. If the middle part came out, it would have been a lot easier…but hey these were $1, so…

sprayed with chalkboard paint

Then the center got taped off so I could spray the frame edge white.

covering the chalkboard

Then I trimmed the base of the stand because it kept peeking out the bottom.

trimming the stand

I spray painted all the frames white, then added some glitter with Mod Podge. To turn them into napkin rings, I threaded some ribbon threaded through the back of the frame.

adding the ribbon

But, because I left the stand on the back, these also double as mini chalkboards for labeling food on a buffet…

mini chalkboard frame

Or writing a message on and displaying…

mini chalkboards

Or hanging up on a wall to make sure everyone knows whose house they’re in.

mini chalkboard wall hanging

But I think I still love them best as napkin rings/placecards :)

mini chalkboard napkin rings

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