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Yeah, yeah I know maybe it sounds a little premature- especially since I know some of you got a visit from the snow fairy recently. But we've been having such mild weather lately that I actually started seeds this weekend and was inspired to put together this little craft for you :) 

I was so excited to get the opportunity to play with some cut tulips. I absolutely love this flower, it's so versatile…both elegant and whimsical. It comes in so many colors too! 

The multi-colored are some of my favorites along with the feathery edged parrot variety. The grocery stores around me typically have a large floral selection, but you can also find tulips at garden centers and flower shops. I was really happy to find these pink/white and white cuties today at a grocery store (in the fridge, no less, yay!). I got them home and was able to watch them open up slowly as the day went on.

I thought it would be really neat to do an unusual arrangement, and then "door wreath" just sprung (haha!) into my head. I considered actually doing a true wreath in wet foam, but the idea of making something reusable was more appealing. So, I decided to make a sort of planter box…somehow. Lots of window shopping at all the local craft stores ensued until I came up with this:

I used a few other supplies as well:

  • Hot Glue
  • Duck Tape
  • Caulk
  • Ribbon
  • Wire
  • Scissors

First, I had to find a perfect vessel to hold the flowers. I found myself in Dollar Tree going up and down the aisles until I came across that magnetic caddy. It was the perfect depth for the birdcage! So I caulked the seams (it's a thick velum folded into a box).

And duck taped the whole thing for good measure :)

Then I used the wire to attach the box to the birdcage. It was pretty easy, I just twisted a length of wire around one of the cage wires then wrapped it around the box. There is a ledge at the bottom of the birdcage, so the box just sits on top of that :) 

Out came the moss to cover the box, see the wire?

And, now you don't! I used hot glue to secure the moss to the box and the sides of the cage.

I wrapped two pieces of moss around the box to cover the front and back (my front door has a glass insert, so you can see the back). After I filled the little box up with water, I began arranging the flowers. You can also use wet floral foam here, just cut to size and soak until saturated. 

I started in with a mix of tulips and alstroemeria, along with some leaves from my Peace Lily. When I was satisfied with how the flowers looked, I added a little metal bird I found at Joann's for a few bucks.

The tulips will last for a week or so, then I can refill it with another arrangement if I want :) I thought this kind of thing would make a super awesome hostess gift, Valentine's Day gift, or Mother's Day gift. You could use an antique watering can, picture frame or grapevine wreath for a similar effect.

It's just so Spring-y, isn't it? If you don't typically buy tulips, I highly suggest you try them out sometime. They are very affordable (actually these were the same price as a bunch of crazy dyed daisies..I couldn't believe it!). You can find more tulip ideas on the Dig Drop Done Pinterest page. Tulips are also great for weddings, they make smart boutonniers (check out my bout/corsage tutorial here). 

{Image courtest of Every Last Detail}

They are perfect for a casual or formal table centerpiece!

{Image courtesty of Revel-Blog}

So run out to the nearest grocery store and pick up some tulips! I guarantee their happy colors and shapes will make it feel like Spring at your house :)

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11 Responses

  1. Sandy Walters

    I am getting some tulips today!! What a beautiful way to display fresh flowers!

  2. Liz Allison

    I LOVE tulips and I LOVE spring….but I LOVE tulips in this birdcage even MORE! Where is it from please?!? I am in the UK but I’m hoping I can search the internet high and low if I have some info!! xxxx

    • Rachael Evans

      Hi Liz- I got it at Michael’s craft store! It’s a chain here in the US.

  3. mary fran

    I adore tulips…they are my second favorite flower (after sunflowers)! I got married in May and had Orange Parrot tulips in our bouquets and also a few arrangements around the room. They were fabulous! Love this idea…

  4. Amanda

    Wow, this is SO cute and fresh-looking! And it’s different than a traditional wreath, which is a nice change. Great job!


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