Did I ever share with you the.world’s.most.amazing.craigslist.find?

That would be this vintage stereo console I got for $10.

record player

Oh, and it works. It even plays my iPod. The record player is a little wonky, but I don’t have any records anyway. After spending months sitting next to the couch waiting for me to decide if I wanted to paint it/work on it/move it elsewhere, it finally got a new home as a TV stand a couple of weeks ago. I figured I better try it out there before investing time in painting it and such. What do you think? It’s actually a little shorter so it’s better for TV viewing.

vintage stereo 3

But should I paint it? Clearly the fabric on the side panels has to be replaced, but the finish itself is in pretty decent condition. The color is not quite my jam, but it’s not offensive. I’m going to think on it a bit more before biting the bullet. Would you paint it? What color?

vintage stereo 2

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  1. Jodi Blackmon

    What are the accent colors in your home? This would look good painting a buttery cream with an antique glaze or dark wax, paint red with a dark wax, or strip the entire thing and stain Minwax’s new espresso color. I always wait for a piece to speak to me and tell me what it wants. I think this one is saying stain me espresso! Lol

  2. Marsha Milstock

    In my opinion.
    And if it was in my house, I would not paint it. The finish as far as I can see is still in very good condition.
    You said that you were changing out the sides.
    If you want to add a little something, you could add what ever treatment or material that you are going to use for the side of this piece, and put it on the front base.( just below the last drawer ) that would tie every thing in together and make it into a more modern piece.
    I know that if you did paint it it would be great. I have a hard time myself painting over wood.
    I would live with it foe a while untill I got sick of it.
    Then paint it,
    There is something there that

  3. Jenny

    Wow, that’s gorgeous! I don’t think you should paint it. It’s in such good shape like it is. But I agree with you on the fabric on the side!! I’m jealous, I totally would have bought that for $10 lol.

  4. Marsha Milstock

    Sorry, I did not get to proof read the letter above.
    The dogs were nujjing me. They had their legs crossed already. Wanting to go out
    el pronto.
    Always much easier to paint than to strip a piece of furniture.
    Good luck with your decission. Not worried about you, your projects are always
    Master Pieces.
    Happy Holiday to you, your family, friends, and readers.

  5. Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com

    I don’t think I’d paint it, either. The wood’s in great shape! Change out the side panels with something fun, maybe a fabric with these gorgeous colors in your blog background? But painting wood furniture, IMO, is overdone these days. Everyone who’s taking great old furniture then painting them and distressing it is going to regret it in 3 or 4 years when the stuff looks outdated and banged up, and then they’ll have all that work to strip it back to the wood again.


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