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If you thought I was just bragging about my awesome toilet paper experience earlier in the month with Cottonelle, fear not friends! I want to give you an opportunity to win some of your very own

Maybe I over shared the last time I talked about my love for toilet paper (and a closet baby wipe habit), but let's be honest- we all use it, and there is a difference good toilet paper and bad toilet paper. At Lovely Crafty Home, we only use the good stuff.

[Translation: my bum is picky, yeah that's right.]

We've been using the Clean Care toilet paper and flushable wipes for almost a month now, so I can tell you my initial review still stands. If you're guilty of buying cheapo TP, get on the Cottonelle bandwagon now! Your bum and your guests' bums will thank you. The nice folks at Cottonelle are going to let me give away their Clean Care products to one of you, so you can try it for yourself!

The contest begins April 1 and runs through April 30th. I will put up a rafflecopter widget when the contest opens, so check back (and I'll be reminding you!) Here's how to enter:

(1) Mandatory: You must like Lovely Crafty Home on Facebook or subscribe to posts via email (see the sidebar)! This is so I can get in touch with the winner!

(2) Mandatory: Like Cottonelle on Facebook, then leave me a comment here telling me why you want to win!

(3) Follow Cottonelle on Twitter

Up to 3 entries per person! See official sweepstakes rules for more details.

And, did you know you also have the opportunity to win 1 of FOUR grand prizes of $10,000 at Visit the site between now and June 30th to watch the Test Videos and submit your own Ah-Ha! moment to enter.

Now there's just one thing left to do…my own wash test. Let's see how Millie feels about getting a bath. Without water. 

My dog hates baths. She doesn't get them very often, usually only in the warmer weather when she has a nasty habit of ROLLING in wild animal poop. Apparently this is common for "wild" dogs like mine who think they have to mask their smell in order to "hunt."

But let's take a moment think about the striking similarity between cleaning poo off a dog and…well…you finish that sentence. 

Now in the interest of being honest, this is a clean dog. However this is an exact reinactment of my morning March 13th. Even though Millie-who-rolls-in-poo hates baths, she is very well trained (by me, thankyouverymuch). Assume the position.

She knows what's about to happen. Waiting for that first cup of water dumped on the head…

"Watt ees dis?"

My dog speaks with a German accent, obviously. Just play along.

Now my dog is pretty smart, but she is a dog. And if she knows something is missing, well…

Maybe it's just an ear massage? In the tub?

Lucky for her, she dodged real bath time. And I don't feel guilty about yanking her chain for this little exercise, not one bit.

You can't clean poo off a dog without water. Now apply that to yourself. Ah-ha!

[this moment brought to you by a blogger with no filter who may or may not be bathing her poo covered dog]

Don't forget to check back April 1 to enter the Cottonelle Clean Care Giveaway!

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    Like Cottonelle on Facebook, I would love to win because I have two young sons I am potty training and go through a lot of these items.

  2. Sandy

    Rachael, I too have a sensitive “bum” ;)…..So I’m very picky about my TP choices.
    I use Cottonelle and would love to try their wipes too.
    I’ve liked your FB page, and Cottonelle’s.
    Thanks for your amazing fun blogs! Always enjoy reading them.

  3. Danielle T

    i like cottonelle on fb and i want to win bc i love their products

  4. Vera K

    I have liked Lovely Crafty Home on Facebook. Vera Khule at gmail dot com

  5. Vera K

    I have liked Cottonelle on Facebook. I want to win because one can never have enough Cottonelle.

  6. ghalim

    I would like to win this because I have a little boy who doesn’t afraid of dirt (but mommy doesn’t necessary like him to bring dirt inside the house Thanks for the chance. Like Cottonelle on Facebook: gb liem and Twitter: @plz16

    ghalim at yahoo dot com


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