I’m sure I’m not the only one who hoards pillows.

Or “farms” them, as my husband says. The problem is that I change the colors I like so often that I have to buy new pillows to match. But now that I have some basic sewing skills, I figured maybe instead of getting new pillows, I should make my existing pillows new clothes!

Have you all seen the new HGTV line of fabrics at Jo-Ann’s? There are a ton of cute prints, and I was pleasantly surprised by some samples in the mail :) I got a yard each of two coordinating fabrics that were somehow a perfect match to my bedroom colors already. Seriously, how did they know?!

hgtv fabric pillow covers


I recovered two ugly brown-ish tan 26 x26 pillows that I already had with the pinky plaid and floral prints. Both complete with zippers, which I’m super proud of (I obviously have to leave the door open for a wardrobe change next season).

new hgtv fabric joann

I was also inspired by one of the other HGTV prints for a guest bedroom makeover. Um yeah, I just said that out loud. This will be the third time I’ve painted the room and second total overhaul. I’m going to keep the print a secret for now, but it’s floral, coral, lime, and purple. Are you noticing a trend?

P.S. My cat Magic is a total ham.

spring bedroom with hgtv fabric


She should really be a model. If you are in the mood to play with some new fabrics, right now Jo-Ann is offering 10% off your TOTAL purchase on the new HGTV line until May 4th!! Head over there for some inspiration (and maybe you can guess which fabric will appear in my guest room!)


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