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I love love love outdoor entertaining, which is why I've been working really hard on the landscaping/gardening this year despite the weather set backs. A few weeks ago I started tackling the patio, dusting off winter if you will. That included removing our old fire pit (which was rusting and looking awful). I had plans to build something new, maybe a raised fire wall type thing but that would be several months if not years down the road  (you know, along with a sweet outdoor kitchen and brick oven…)

But then I got an email from TIKI to see if I wanted to try one of their TIKI Brand Fire Sculptures. Fire-pit-less and  a TIKI fan already, I couldn't believe my luck! Of course I said yes, and they sent one along. Fortunately after weeks of rain, I got some good weather to set it up!

Keep in mind the area is still a work in progress :) But I tried my best to get things looking pretty decent so you can see how cool this product really is! 

It's light but sturdy- we get a lot of wind and haven't had a problem with it blowing out or blowing over…but I can move it inside to store it with no problem at all! Also it's SO much less smokey than our old firepit. My contacts will thank me.

It's smaller in footprint but taller, so it actually fits my space perfectly. We have more walking room, but it still anchors that corner nicely. Oh, and these can also use the bug repellent oil, OFF! Torch Fuel. I'll definitely be putting that in when the weather gets hot and the mosquitos come to town. 

I tried to take a few pictures as the sun went down, but it's really hard to capture how much light this actually puts off (again the reason I like to have it at the corner of the patio!)

I can't wait to have people over this summer and really use it! As my friend and neighbor Amy commented, "It's super posh." She also mumbled something about being too good for a regular ol' fire pit now {snickers}. 

Since it is hard to photograph, I took a little video for you :) Check it out HERE

Are you looking for some illumination for your patio/backyard this summer? TIKI Brand Fire Sculptures and TIKI Brand Flame & Solar Torches are available exculsively at Home Depot! Seriously head over and check out the new product offering, they have a lot of new styles that will fit in with any decor (I mean, I love a classic bamboo TIKI, but we don't exactly live at the beach). For more inspiration, you can check out  TIKI Brand on Facebook. A lot of us will be sharing photos and videos over there!

Do any of you have one of these? What do you love about it?

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  1. mary fran

    My husband and I were just at Home Depot a few days ago and I saw this and thought it was adorable. I like the compact design since we have a small patio area.
    Nice to know someone that used it.


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