But I kinda hope he does, after what I did to him.

I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine, I really only give two kinds of gifts: the money kind and the handmade kind. If you prefer the handmade kind, you better be on Pinterest! I will stalk the crap out of you, and then when you least expect it, you’ll get something ┬áinspired by what you love┬árecreated by yours truly. I refuse to participate in registries, sorry! That’s just how I roll, ya’ll.

So when my brother and his girlfriend got their first apartment together last week (say it with me- AWWW!), I knew I wanted to make them something for their new place. Literally the morning I helped them moved, she pinned this image:

{Elephant Key Holder via Craftgawker}

I took one look at it and thought to myself, “Jackpot.” My plan was further cemented by the fact that I noticed she had like a string of elephants hanging on her bedroom doorknob. After we got all of their things moved, I ran over to Michaels to pick up the supplies. Her style isn’t as rustic as the driftwood in the picture, so I decided to go with a plaque. I also bought 4 plastic elephant toys and gold spray paint.

elephant key holder supplies

The plaque got a few coats of white spray paint, then I errr “tended” to the elephants…

cutting elephants in half


bad day for elephants

It was a bad day for elephants. But don’t worry, they ended up pretty happy I think :) I attached the heads to the plaque with Strong Stick, my favorite all-purpose adhesive. Don’t forget to attach hangers to the back before you put the elephants on!

painted elephant heads

DIY Elephant Key Holder 1

Super cute, huh?! I almost kept that thing, until I remembered I didn’t make it for myself. I love the concept of elevating those little plastic toys to something special. And, my brother and his girlfriend loved the present, which made me a happy camper!

But then I had a bunch of elephant a** left over, and obviously they couldn’t go to waste. So I made a little something for a friend who started a new job. It’s the perfect desk decoration, no?

Elephant Plaque

Yes, that’s a miniature gold taxidermy elephant a**. She will think of me every time she looks at it, and really who wouldn’t want that?

This morning I sent her a text asking to see a picture of her “desk,” by which I really meant “elephant-you-know-what.” I’m still waiting!

The rest of the back ends got glued to plain magnets I already had on my fridge. Your new baby announcement/wedding invite/Christmas card will be proudly displayed on the fridge with these.

elephant butt magnets



11 Responses

  1. Camille

    I am LMAO!!!! I absolutely ADORE the key holder, but I laughed out loud on the a** plaque!!! I may make a bunch of those for my ‘still working’ friends. Doesn’t everyone that work have some of those to contend with??? LOL LOL Waste not, want not

  2. mary fran

    HAHAHAHA…I love it all…Most especially the elephant A%% plaque. Good Job!

  3. Runt

    That’s too funny! The elephant key ring holder came out great! As far as that elephant butt magnet… well it can be a conversation piece! =]

  4. Amy Evans

    The Elephant A$$ is proudly displayed in my cubical, friend. I will look at it, and think of you, always <3


  5. James Workman

    I’m in the process of making this project for my girlfriend and the only question I have is why the hangers? I’ve been trying to think of how or why they’re needed but can’t seem to come to a conclusion..HELP PLEASE

  6. Alex

    I love this! Where did you pick up your toys? I’ve seen a few on amazon, but I was wondering if you found yours somewhere else? Thanks!

    • Rachael Evans

      You can find these in Michaels or AC Moore in the children’s section!


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