Remember a few months ago when I re-painted the upstairs bathroom?

much lighter after

Well the accessories still needed a makeover. I went on a hunt for the perfect shower curtain and towels, which actually took longer than I thought it would. I wanted something light and bright that added some new colors to the space. The new paint color is pretty neutral, so it can handle some color. Sorry for the overcast-ness of this shot, but I wanted to share!

shower curtain and towel

chevron towel

Sorry the curtain is still a bit wrinkled, and I’m too lazy to iron it. I thought the patterns were fun, but not too overwhelming. I got everything at Kohls for about $25 bucks (super clearance, yay!)

hand towel

I love the mix of colors and geometrics on this set! But I realize sometimes this kind of thing goes in and out of style at speeds faster than light, so I don’t feel too guilty spending only $25 on everything. Besides, you know how often I change my mind.




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  1. Marsha Milstock

    You nailed it Rachael,
    Love how you picked up the red and duplicated the zig zag on the hand towel.
    The blue green towel stands out as well.
    The curtain is very pretty. It visually wants you to touch it. So adds texture to the room.
    ? Did I miss you doing your kitchen counters yet?


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