I love when things go according to plan.

Granted it almost never happens, but sometimes I catch a break. I had been planning for months to re-make this $7 brass hotel wall sconce from Goodwill into something fabulous for my guest room.


The only problem? I wanted to hang it upside down (think exposed bulb, not hotel lampshade). Oh, and it was hideously brassy. Lucky for me those issues were an easy fix thanks to a handy husband who re-wired the plug and some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. The re-wiring was really simple, don’t be intimidated by upcycled lamp projects. I just defer to him on all manner of electric things because he’s faster and really knows his stuff.

One $8 (totally worth it) Edison bulb later, here we are.

edison bulb wall sconce

Super sweet, eh? Remember I’m still planning to replace the headboard, so try to ignore that…

Focus on the sweet filament action happening.

exposed bulb wall sconce

What I love about this swing arm sconce is that it folds completely to the wall when not in use.

edison bulb sconce

I looooooove it. Seriously. Sometimes I just go in there and stare at it. The room is really coming together now, which is a good thing since my in-laws are coming in October. Nothing like a deadline to light a fire under your butt.

7 Responses

  1. Pat Watters

    I think that headboard could be totally cute painted. Not white, as that’s too expected, but maybe light blue?

  2. Julie

    It looks great! I took a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze to my bathroom fixtures recently and love how they look now. I’m pretty sure you inspired my ORB crush, so thanks!

    • Rachael Evans

      Goodwill is a great place to look! Also if you have a Habitat For Humanity Re-Store by you, I’d check there as well.


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