If you follow me on Instagram (@lovelycrafty), you already know I am obsessed with leopard print.

So much so, that I decided I would wear it everyday in some form for 30 days. I know, crazy… right?? Even getting dressed in real clothes is a big stretch for me, as I’m partial to lounging around in sweaty gym clothes all day. Are any of you animal print fans? I’m really partial to leopard, I’m not really sure why though. Maybe it’s because the print is usually small and generally neutral in color. Therefore it obviously goes with everything.


My last count had me at 12 leopard print pieces, some are clothing and some are accessories. Does that qualify me for an intervention? Or maybe an appearance on What Not To Wear?

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks leopard print rules the animal kingdom, so if you want to follow (or join, yes?) my #30daysofleopard challenge, check me on out Instagram. And tag me if you’re rocking leopard in a selfie- I’m sure I will be needing more ideas here soon…

Here’s to day 7!


2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I love, love, LOVE leopard print, and think your 30-day challenge is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have enough pieces to do that myself. That only means one thing – I need more leopard print in my wardrobe!

    • Rachael Evans

      Thanks Lisa! You don’t need a lot, I’m definitely repeating. I have some flats and a couple of scarves that have already made more than one appearance :) But don’t let that stop you from buying more leopard…you can never have too much.


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