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Don't you love it when a product that rocks gets even better? Like someone is reading your mind, anticipating the next awesome step? That's totally how I felt when I heard about FrogTape® Shape Tape™. I cannot tell you how excited I was to try it! Firstly, I've had experience with FrogTape® so I knew it would work well, even in the new form. Secondly, I do love some chevron!

Having painted and re-painted my house a bazillion times at this point, I really wanted to use the tape on something other than a wall. So, I decided to make my own fabric for a pillow in the guest room! I had picked out an inspiration fabric a loooooong time ago for the space and wanted to make a coordinating print.

I thought the chevron would be perfect! I picked up some white remnant linen-like fabric along with some bright green craft paint and fabric medium. After pre-washing the fabric, I started applying the tape. I found it to be pretty easy to lay out, it went on fairly straight without me getting out a ruler or anything. I just eyeballed the spacing, which worked out fine for this small project. For a wall, you'd probably want a laser level. 

The directions say to go over the tape with a straight edge to make sure it's really adhered, and you'll definitely want to do that to be sure you end up with the cleanest result. I've used the original FrogTape® many times and have never had a problem though! The PaintBlock® Technology on all varieties of FrogTape® (including Shape Tape™) really prevents a lot of paint bleed-through. Just to make sure, check that the tape is on the surface really well. 

Then it was time to paint. I decided to brush it on because I thought I'd have better control, but you could probably roll it on with one of those mini-trim rollers. Make sure you read the directions for your paint/fabric medium (mine said to mix 2:1 paint with medium, which is pretty common but not 100% true for all brands). Once I was done painting, I pulled off all the tape- I like to do that while the paint is still a little wet. This has always worked out better for me, especially on walls. 

Look at those lines!!! I was definitely impressed by the clean finish on my somewhat irregular surface. Once the paint dried, I sewed my piece of custom fabric into a pillow sham. #confession: my husband no longer allows me to buy more pillows, I can only recover the ones I already have. It's like a pillow freeze out. 

What do you think? Isn't it cute? I'm so happy with how it turned out. I would definitely use FrogTape® Shape Tape™ again on fabric. Walls are only the beginning, you could use it on all kinds of furniture. Lampshades. Art canvas. A tshirt! I have a ton leftover so I may be trying the tshirt idea…

Check out some of the projects/ideas in this video:

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