Hello everyone! It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and that’s probably because it has been. I’m so sorry. I have this philosophy that I craft/work/write when I feel inspired, rather than blogging about something random (or re-blogging other people’s stuff) just to keep a 5 day a week schedule. Ultimately I think this produces better content…but unfortunately sometimes I need a break to recharge my batteries. Don’t we all?

Speaking of recharging, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We spent it up in the MD/DC area with my family, which was really nice and far overdue. We got back late last night, but today I felt a little bit like tackling some decorating winter! It’s pretty warm, so I put up all the outdoor lights (woo!) and did this 15 minute version of my 5 minute holiday wreath from last year. Free, rustic, evergreen, perfect. Click through for the how to!

 diy cypress wreath

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  1. DIY $1 {LIVE} Garland Swag!

    [...] I absolutely love bringing evergreen into my home during the winter. So I guess it’s not surprising that even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I put up a real tree every year. The smell is intoxicating…and not because we’re allergic or anything. Last week I cut some sprigs from our Leland Cypress trees to put on our front door wreath. [...]


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