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Here's what Valentine's Day means to me: an excuse to eat chocolate! So I've teamed up with Duck Brand® to share this sweet treat and craft project using some of the new patterns of tape!

For this Valentine’s Day craft you'll need any color or patterned Duck Brand® Tape, toothpicks, and scissors. And of course, your favorite cupcake recipe

Now you all know I don't really bake, so I called on my friend Amy to bake for me. Obviously. Being the good friend and awesome baker that she is, she agreed to help me with the other non-tape part of this project. 

While Amy was busy doing this:

And this,

I just sat there and watched. Just kidding. Kind of. 

Actually I was busy whipping up some fun love-themed cake toppers and licking the mixing bowl. First I cut a piece of tape and stuck it to the top part of a toothpick.

Then I folded it over itself.

I started with the obvious…hearts :)

But then I got a little carried away and started cutting all kinds of fun things out of the tape. Hearts, arrows, letters, lips…oh my!

I'm a little obsessed with them, I must admit. How stinkin cute did they turn out? And P.S. that recipe yielded You have to try it, seriously. And don't forget to make some sweet decorations for them ;)

With all of the patterns and colors they offer, there is A TON of Duck Brand® tape inspiration on Pinterest, but you can also find more by following them on Twitter. Next project: neon pink feather earrings :)

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