Every time I’m in a second hand store or estate sale, I always keep my eyes out for things to add to my gallery walls. I love finding unique pieces to put on the wall, something that I may not be able to find anywhere else. So of course it’s all a game of luck!

So you can imagine my excitement after months and months of striking out when I found a new plate for my plate wall in the dining room!

asheville plate

If you remember, the plates represent parts of our life: Washington DC (where we met), Gettysburg (near Mike’s family), and of course a Boxer for our little girl. Now we have our home and my hometown, Asheville.

plate wall gallery 1

To hang them, I use Strong Stick adhesive to attach one of those picture hangers with teeth. It seems to work pretty well as long as I let it set 24 hours before hanging. Do any of you collect plates? How do you hang them?

At the same estate sale, I also found this handmade wood carving of a Boxer. Or maybe it’s wood etching? I’m not exactly sure, but I thought it was pretty neat and added it to the gallery wall at the base of our stairs.

boxer wood burning

gallery wall

You know- bear, deer, Boxer. Obvi.


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