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You know I try to keep it real here, which is why I’m about to show you this horribly embarrassing picture.

There it is folks, Lovely Crafty Wasteland. I wish I had one of those landscaped yards that looks beautiful year-round, but what I have is a 6 year old house on a plot of red clay built into the side of a hill. When we moved in, we didn’t even have grass. But over the years I have put in the work, adding plants when and where I can and doing a little of what I like to call “extreme gardening.” Believe it or not, two of those dead plants-on-a-stake will be beautiful peonies. I can’t speak for the tomato cages, yes they have been there all winter.

As bad as it looks now, there are signs of encouragement already. It always surprises me when things I’ve planted come back in the Spring, like they’ve defied some sort of odds (um, me). I am especially happy to see these guys which I had to move last fall. Apparently bulbs don’t like to be crowded…whoops! I learned that after a lovely showing of greenery without a single bloom last Spring.

My lambs ear is starting to perk up, this is its second year.

And of course, the Spring weed that even I can grow- the Daffodil.

The truth is that I LOVE gardening- even on the side of a hill- but, it’s not a natural skill I have. Over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot from my friend Amy (she’s very good at it!) and we co-garden to an extent since she lives just one house down. I have to try extra hard to remember to water regularly and feed the plants appropriately. I invest my time because nothing compares to that first early tomato with some basil and mozzarella or a cup of my favorite homemade tomato basil soup. Something about growing edibles from seeds makes you feel like a real deal pioneer. Like in the case of a zombie apocalypse I might have a fighting chance (hey- don’t eat me, eat these fresh veggies!)

As it has been made painfully obvious- when I garden I usually try to take all the help I can get. I like to use quality products that are natural and good for the environment. I make most of my own health and beauty products to avoid nasty ingredients, so why would I want to eat the fruits of chemical laden plants? That’s why I was SO EXCITED to be approached by Miracle-Gro Organic Choice.

Organic Soil photo 72859510_22_zps758b34b4.jpg

I will be partnering with them this gardening season to share my experience using their products. I’m hoping to get my best garden harvest yet!

I have had great luck in the past with their garden and potting soil, as well as plant food, so I’m eager to try their organic variety. I don’t share too much about my diet/fitness routine here at LCH (read a little more HERE), but high quality food is VERY important to us. We eat mostly locally raised grass fed meat and organic vegetables, so being able to start my own garden with the Miracle-Gro Organic Choice this year will be fantastic! Organic produce from a store can be expensive, so growing our own really helps with our grocery bill in the summer and fall.

If you’re looking to try something more natural this season as well, Miracle-Gro Organic Choice products are readily available in all major garden centers and retailers. I will be starting some seeds this weekend, probably lettuce, squash, tomato, and some herbs. I would love to hear what you’re planning! Do any of you have to extreme garden on a hillside? Surely I’m not the only one…

Stay tuned for garden updates all season!

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