Is there a space in your house that just absolutely drives you nuts? No matter what you do it never looks right? You scour the internet for ways to improve it, but nothing proves successful?

For me, it’s that totally annoying and completely unnecessary space above the kitchen cabinets. It’s not big enough to add another set of cabinets, but big enough to look weird and empty if left alone. For years I’ve tried all manner of decorating tricks, but it still just looked like a mess.


I was so tired of the way it looked that I pulled everything down and started from scratch. As my collection of china and serving pieces has grown quite a bit, I decided to use only my clear glass and some aluminum accents in the space and removed all other “decorative” items. I added some dark baskets for contrast and storage. It took me a little while to arrange things, but once I simplified the “ingredients,” it came together much more easily. I love the result, it’s clean and functional. What do you think?

decorating the space above kitchen cabinets


space above kitchen cabinets


extra storage on top of cabinets



Do any of you struggle with this space? I have thought about building in open shelving that finishes with crown, but really I’m not ready to get that into it. If it was just a couple of inches taller, I could stack another set of short cabinets on top (like the ones over the microwave. But, I’m stuck with what I’ve got I suppose – and right now, this is getting the job done with the least amount of expense :)


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  1. Pat Watters

    I have similar cabinets. I have a collection of all things rooster, and so much of the collection goes up top. I have a few random plates in the mix, a couple of baskets, and some plants. Truthfully, I never really notice it all, unless I want to use a piece, or when it’s time to paint the kitchen!

  2. Alicia

    I know this awkward space problem as well, and I actually never thought of doing something to fix it! I just left the space empty but it such a shame to leave it unused! Those baskets look great, where did you find them?

  3. Kira

    I use mine for extra storage, but I store the pickles, tomatoes, jams, salsa, and other fruits and veggies that we can in the summer. So, it’s functional and colorful even if it’s not really stylish.


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